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Halieus International Support exists to generously share the love of Jesus Christ by equipping missionaries, investing in cultural empowerment, and giving at home and abroad.

In Matthew 10, Jesus sends his closest 12 into the mission field. He sends them out to learn, grow, and experience knowing that once day He would know longer walk amongst them. Jesus was intentional with using the mission field, in His name, to make leaders that would impact real life change. 


We strive to continue this with this method. Halieus is a full-service leadership development ministry. We do this through local and abroad serving, discipleship, and education to help believers and non-believers realize their God-given gifts and talents that were created for a purpose. Our desire is to see these gifts then nurtured and used to spread the Gospel and grow the local Church.


Our central purpose is to grow the God-given gifts and leadership talents in each individual. We work with short-term missionaries, vocational missionaries, and local outreach leaders and use a variety of equipping methods to provide knowledge of biblical poverty alleviation, discipleship, leadership, and prayer and warfare. This can be done through 12 Week Small Groups, provided curriculum, virtual learning environments (HIS Academy), and conferences.


In the Book of Acts, the church was missional. The bible reveals that through selfless serving, the church grew more and more and received all that the Holy Spirit had for them. We believe as we actively engage in missions, the same will be said for us.


Short Term Missions: 

There is a time to learn and a time to GO! Our teams will be sent to some of the poorest places in the world, as we will team up with our partner organizations in the area that are already on the front lines of serving and being a voice for those communities. Our partner organizations range from rescuing and rehabilitating women and young girls in trafficking situations to poverty alleviation and support. 


Vocational Missions: 

We mentor and administratively support vocational or long term missionaries who are living worldwide. With HIS Academy, we strive to see our field missionaries become better disciples, leaders, and know the ins-and-outs of their field.


Once our teams return, they can often be in search of local organizations to serve with to keep the passion going to give off their time, talents and treasures. We are grateful to have several local churches and organizations within the area that we partner with on a consistent basis to which we also give thousands of dollars towards for support, along with our giving to other international partners.


Nathan & Amanda Kimbleton

Nathan "Nate" and Amanda "Mandy" Kimbleton co-founded Halieus International Support (H-I-S) while on a life changing short-term mission trip to Malawi, Africa. Through their own trip, they found community, purpose and an understanding that all people are equal regardless of economic circumstance. While Malawi was their first trip out of the US, it would not be their last. Since the founding of HIS Missions in 2017, the couple has served Jesus in every continent other than Australia and Antarctica. 


Nate is a graduate of Ohio Christian University with Bachelor's  in Theology. He is the former President of Luke 22 Ministries. 


Mandy has an Associates Degree in Surgical Technologies from National College. She is the founder of Iris Awakenings, a holistic health and wellness company.  


 Nate and Mandy had five children and one grand child.  

Stewardship Team Leader

Samantha is an amazing bright shining light. She has served with HIS Missions in a volunteer capacity for the past 6 months before coming on staff. She cared for and served those who just lost everything to the devastation of Hurricane Ian. She also won strong praise from her teammates for her service of teen trafficked girls in the Dominican Republic. Samantha comes to us with experience in events and in leadership. She is currently attending Seminole State College seeking her Bachelors in Education. 

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