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Linda Frank was a mother, fiance, sister, daughter, missionary, servant of others, warrior against trafficking and an advocate for the homeless, hungry and hurting.  She gave generously of her time, talent and treasure to the causes she was passionate about. Linda traveled to Greece with HIS, attended our Academy, was an ambassador for Koinonia Coffee and served on the Gala committee. Missionaries like her are the heart of HIS Missions! 


After a two year battle with metastatic breast cancer, Linda's race ended here on Earth. Yet, the legacy of the light that shined in the world because of her, lives on. 


In typical "Linda" fashion, her family has requested that a fund be set up to support the causes she advocated and loved.  Of the money donated to this fund 100% will be dispersed to 501-C-3 organizations Linda championed according to the wishes of her family. All gifts are  tax deductible. 


Linda Frank.jpg

Linda championed organizations that were dear to her heart. Most of these 501-C-3's were small with a limited number of volunteers and staff but maximum impact. From organizations that helped children, fought cancer, cared for the homeless and hurting and cared for the trafficked victim and special needs child Linda was a bright beacon of home in the darkness. This fund continues her legacy. 

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