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We are grateful for our partners around the world. We not only financially give to these organizations, but we also are the hands and feet that serve alongside what our partners and what they already doing within their countries and spheres of influence. 



She Is More Than is dedicated to being a force against the sex trafficking industry. While they are doing great measures in the United States, they also have a major hand in the country of Uganda. There, they house and rehabilitate girls under 18 who have been in these abusive situations. With almost 100 girls in the program, these are some of the joyful faces we visit while in Uganda. 



Hope Speaks, located in Uganda, is on mission to inspire hope and raise the voices of those with disability. They do this through therapy, advocacy, and social services. When we visit them in Uganda, go into some of the poorest areas of the country and help with loving on the mothers and attending therapy sessions with the children. 

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Children’s Cup was founded in 1992 to reach out to hurting and forgotten children in the hard places of the world to offer them hope. This vision has led Children’s Cup to focus heavily on southern Africa and Latin America where poverty is tearing apart families, communities, and even entire nations. Children's Cup's goal is to help children to grow to be holistically healthy and to give them hope in Jesus that will enable them to become world changers!

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Mercy Childcare is a foster organization located in Uganda. Mercy is dedicated to the well being and growth of the next generation and have methods in place to make sure these children experience all that God has for them. Mercy is also passionate about families. They work on mending families, as well as a big scope of empowering women and mothers as that love will overflow onto the children. 

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Lighting The Darkness works to break the cycle of poverty for a better future. Providing spiritual and material help, promoting holistic development. Lighting The Darkness strives to reach people, improve their quality of life and empower them to be independent. A non-profit organization registered in Florida committed to addressing the needs of disadvantaged people regardless of sex, race, religion or nationality. Trying to transform lives together as one body in Christ, blessing people because we have been blessed.  

Puerto Rico Relief Flight was established in the outset of Hurricane Maria. Pilots flew relief supplies into unreachable remote parts of PR and flew the injured out. Puerto Rico Relief Flight is a grassroots effort to airlift supplies and provide aid to areas that have been adversely affected by natural disasters. Thousands of people have had to leave their homes, hundreds of buildings and schools are damaged or have collapsed entirely. Puerto Rico Relief Flight is working to restore Puerto Rico and the Bahamas by continually providing aid when natural disasters hit.

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Puerto Rico

Batey Rehabilitation Project solution works to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty, two generations at a time. In order to do so, BRP focuses on building out a program that facilitated an entirely holistic response to rehabilitating the lives of women and children. From shelter, to education, to health and hygiene, to employment, to security, BRP has been able to empower women and children in a program that has not only provided freedom, fought for justice, but has simply loved them each and every day. BRP continues their new found mission, to build towards a future that provides sustainable holistic care to women and children in the Dominican Republic.

Happy Sonship NPO provides job training to the jobless, food to the hungry and dignity to the elderly on the island of Puerto Rico. Through the powerful, social justice messages on their merchandise, Happy Sonship supports their organization and cause. While in Puerto Rico, we work side by side with Happy...helping to do home construction and rehabilitation projects.  To shop their merchandise store, click "learn more". 


Servant Life has been a mission-mobilizing ministry providing dynamic mission experiences for students and church groups. Our aim is to connect students' love for God to the nations through His Word and by His Spirit. Currently Servant Life works with HIS Missions on sending a team to the Bahamas. Be a part of the Great Commission and let us help connect you to the nations.



Serenity's Grace is dedicated to leading the homeless and disabled to self-sufficiency. Working to reduce the extreme poverty level in the Central Florida area with the effort of people helping people. Having community outreach events where clothing, hygiene products, and information on community resources such as rehabilitation programs, local shelters, and other local charities that can help in specific issues are provided.

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