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January 11, 2023

Go to the Holy Land 

Information Meeting

Have you ever read the Bible and envisioned what it would feel like to sail on the Sea of Galilee, stand at the Garden of Gethsemane, worship at the spot where Christ was Crucified? What would it feel like to be baptized in the very spot where Jesus was baptized or eat fish at the spot where Jesus restored Peter?

Imagine no more!!! Come with us to the Holy Land!! Experience all of these amazing moments where the Gospel's actually come alive. Experience the emotions, the history and the Majesty of the Holy Land. 

Come find out more Wednesday, February 1st! 


March 8, 2023
Go to LA Dream Center 

Information Meeting


Our summer mission trip this year is a very powerful one...and you are invited!!!

We partner with one of the best providers of Christian support, love and encouragement in the United States. On this mission trip, we will be feeding the hungry, working with addiction recovery, passing out clothes and resources, serving in food trucks and being a source of light and love to the hardest hit and most hurting in the second largest city in the country.


This trip is great for first time passport is necessary. It is also the least expensive trip in terms of funding goal that HIS Missions does.

This trip will occur the last week in June, 2023. Come to the Information Meeting and find out more about the amazing Los Angeles Dream Center...what they do ...and how they support people well. Find out about HIS Missions and the benefits of trusting us with your mission and your call. We will even feed you a free dinner!!

HIS Academy Final Logo.jpg

HIS Academy For Missions

This Summer



Have you ever wondered what on earth you are here for? Now that you are a Christian, are you looking to find your purpose and call? Are you hoping to learn more about the Bible and discipleship? If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, then look no further than Academy this summer. 

HIS Academy focuses on your spiritual growth and development. Through three comprehensive semesters and only one mandatory meeting time per week...this is perfect for adult learners who are looking to strengthen their own walk. As an added bonus, graduates may qualify to lead a HIS Missions mission trip. 

Find out more about the Academy below. 

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